Our quality

Raw materials & partners

The selection, procurement and quality control of raw materials are among our core competencies. This is why we don’t just offer a wide range of products, but we are also proud to guarantee the optimum and safe quality.

The basis of many products are cereal products which we receive from our partner company PrimaVera Naturkorn GmbH. This close cooperation enables both, transparency of the raw material straight to the producer as well as immense flexibility of development by using state-of-the-art production plants to obtain absolute premium quality output.

Other raw materials such as dried fruit, nuts, seeds and many
more are exclusively purchased from selected suppliers who meet our quality standards.

Consumers have come to attach an ever-growing importance to trust in the origin and quality of the raw materials used. Thus, we focus on raw materials procurement and safety, especially regarding new developments.

Thanks to our license contracts with the organic brands Bioland and Naturland, as well as the EU 'Organic' certification, we can deliver a variety of products as your one-stop business partner.

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