Raw materials & partners

The selection, procurement and quality control of raw materials are among our core competencies. This enables us to offer the best and safest quality besides a wide product range.

The basis of many products are grains and cereal products, which we receive among others from our partner company PrimaVera Naturkorn GmbH that is also located in Muehldorf. This close and longterm partnership offers us both raw material transparency, right back to the farmer, as well as high flexibility for new product development through the use of most recent technology in production that enables us to offer special qualities.

Other raw materials such as dried fruit, nuts, seeds and many
more are exclusively sourced from selected suppliers who comply with our quality requirements.

For consumers, the trustfulnes and the confidence in regards to origin and quality of their food is a significant factor that influences buying behaviour. Thus, we place great importance to the procurement and safety of raw materials, when developing new products.

On the basis of our license agreements with associations such as Bioland, Naturland and Demeter, as well as the EU organic certification, we can offer you the supply of a variety of products and qualities from a single source.
Thanks to our license contracts with the organic brands Bioland and Naturland, as well as the EU 'Organic' certification, we can deliver a variety of products as your one-stop business partner.

Ehrung Bioland Mitglied seit 20 Jahren - Oktober 2019

Award for 20 years partnership with Bioland (Oct.2019)

In the picture on the left: Mr. Ulrich Wernlein, CEO of Ceralia Getreideprodukte GmbH.
In the picture on the right: Mr. Josef Wetzstein, Regional CEO of Bioland e.V. in Bavaria

Copyright: Bioland, Mrs. Sonja Herpich

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